Wampat: Be A Global Leading Furniture Brand

Wampat: Be A Global Leading Furniture Brand

About Wampat

WAMPAT is a part of Fitueyes, Inc, an original and innovative company that specialized in designing and purveying audiovisual equipment and office supplies. Fitueyes, Inc was founded in 2016 that committed to provide a new audio-visual experience for thousands of families around the world. In order to make the indoor furniture to be a warm part of your home, we started to recruit an excellent furniture designer team in 2018. We are committed to designing affordable, functional products in a range of timeless styles. Therefore, a new furniture brand "Wampat" was founded in 2020 after two years of planning.

Wampat is a new yet fast-growing furniture brand. We combine elegance with simple furniture to turn your home into a unique oasis, which will meet the needs of compactness and space saving of your home. From Norway style to Waston, Virginia, Louis XVI, Quasimodo and Scarlett style, our product series is carefully planned and covers various categories, so you can always find the products you want accurately at a price that won't exceed your budget.

Our Mission

Wampat's mission is to make elegant home furnishings accessible to everyone. We're here to bring your vision to life, and together we can transform the furniture industry and make the house a warm, bright home. Whether you're in your first apartment or looking for an affordable way to create the unique space you want, Wampat will be your practical choice for a wide selection of easy-to-build furniture.

Our Team

We are truly passionate about what we do and who we serve, so we work tirelessly to reduce costs at every stage of our supply chain. We have our own factories, advanced equipment and professional technicians. In addition, to ensure flexibility in warehousing and logistics management, we have offices and warehouses across North America and Asia for fast, hassle-free delivery and service.

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