Norway——Minimalist and Functionalist

Norway——Minimalist and Functionalist

Design Concept

Our designer Vickie is a woman who loves nature, advocating simplicity and pursuing romance. She believes that people and nature are inseparable, so she incorporates natural and sustainable design concepts into our home products, and named the collection Norway.

The products in this collection are simple yet romantic, and at the same time focus on functionality.

Quality Materials


In the interior decoration style of the Norway series, wood occupies a very important position. The wood we use is basically unfinished solid wood. It retains the original texture and color of the wood to the greatest extent, and has a very unique decorative effect.

Porduct Type

The collection includes TV cabinets, side table and multifunctional dressers. If you love nature and pursues simplicity and romance, Norway Series is definitely your first choice!

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